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  1. Michael Gibson, 23. December 2012, 15:43

    To add to the chaos I can report that my request to speak in “Public Participation” was turned down (without any explanation). Were Cr Ahipene-Mercer’s efforts in protest about this? I cannot believe that he was as selfish as it appears.
    Re my request being turned down: I have asked if this is unusual & been told that my curiosity is to be handled under Official Information procedures. This obviously means that, under the present regime, the answer will take until the last possible minute allowed by the law – or perhaps longer.

  2. Lindsay, 23. December 2012, 18:23

    Michael: when the meeting resumed at 10pm, Cr Stephanie Cook offered a reason for Cr Ahipene-Mercer’s behaviour. She claimed that at 4pm he had seen that her children were waiting for her, and he thought that if the meeting was delayed till late at night she would not be able to return and therefore her vote (against the flyover) would not be counted. Cr Cook said she would stay all night if necessary to make sure that her vote was recorded. (The majority against the flyover was 8 to 7.)

  3. Michael Gibson, 23. December 2012, 18:50

    I am sorry that most people had to leave “early” & missed this explanation.
    I think that Cr Ahipene-Mercer could have mentioned this as his real reason when he spoke at the first bit of the Meeting.

  4. Pauline Swann, 23. December 2012, 19:35

    Michael I too was not allowed to speak to the council meeting as the subject I wanted to talk was not on the Agenda. It was the concern my husband and I have over the fate of the Inconstant and Plimmers Ark while Shed 6 goes through its $6m+ temporary upgrade as a conference venue while the Town Hall is being strengthened….I was told I could speak at the February S and P meeting but it will be too late then as the removal of these relics of our history are to be moved in January and could be lost. We have emailed councillors with our concern and not an acknowledgment except for the Mayor’s secretary. We understand we are not the only concerned Wellingtonians.

  5. Michael Gibson, 24. December 2012, 9:11

    What sensationally good hard work has been done by Pauline Swann this year – she would have been a most worthy “Wellingtonian of the Year” along with the top people at the Creswick Valley Residents’ Association (who have been rather more hamstrung in what they can do because of their still working at the coalface.)
    Such a pity that Cr Ahipene-Mercer & Co. are not in touch with ordinary Wellingtonians & are not prepared to listen to their very valid concerns – but at least Pauline was told why she was prevented from speaking.
    I hope that, when the Council people get back from their holiday trips to exotic overseas destinations, Cr A-M lets me know why my request was turned down. Is my theory about his wanting to play politics correct?