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  1. Alana, 21. December 2012, 10:46

    This is a government agency, and exceeds its role with this sort of bullying tactic. Elected officials govern, agencies carry out.
    To see the damage this will do to the neighbourhood and environment of the cricket ground check out their own video posted at http://stoptheflyover.com/what-it-would-look-like/

    Please join our efforts to stop this at http://savethebasin.org.nz/

  2. Kakap, 21. December 2012, 13:27

    It is seriously concerning that said Government agency has previously acted anonymously and that this was for some misbegotten political objective. This is redolent of the shocking situation which is now emerging in the U.K. where the police have tried anonymously to get a Cabinet Minister sacked because his policies were opposed to their own self-serving interests.

  3. Nick, 21. December 2012, 22:52

    It’s getting some attention from a interesting blog on Auckland Transport too: http://transportblog.co.nz/2012/12/21/wellington-city-says-no-to-basin-reserve-flyover/

  4. Sridhar, 26. December 2012, 13:23

    They won’t do this without the blessings of their minister and bosses sitting in the Beehive otherwise why is no one from the minister’s office telling them off for all this. So you can imagine who is really behind NZTA’s tactics. If it turns out that the minister is the one behind all this, NZTA may become the fall guy.

  5. Lilian Tahiwi, 9. January 2013, 13:34

    The NZTA’s Mr Alick Shaw has also sunk another independent statutory body as well…in the eyes of my whanau and other registered victims of crime as well.

    I quote…”The issue which you canvas regarding Mr Shaw’s comments to the Dominion Post about transport funding in Wellington City were FULLY DEALT with by the BOARD of the New Zealand Transport Agency at the time. It would be difficult to say that the issue could have not been known or disclosed given the amount of reporting in the newspapers and in online commentary – as you convey” (Dangerfield is referring to me).

    I replied of course to this humbug, it’s long and it is very personal to me and my whanau. At the conclusion of my correspondence I referred to the NZTA’s annual report for the year ended 30 June 2011…

    Page 7: Who we serve
    Customer groups

    1. Individuals
    We help ordinary people make the best use of New Zealand’s transport system – whether they are drivers, passengers, people getting their WoF, licence or registering their vehicle, or businesses that need permits or commercial operator licences.
    2. New Zealand communities
    We help plan cities that are easier to get around; build new highways; invest in roads, public
    transport, walking and cycling in regions and towns; and make the roads safer. We do this by working with our stakeholders. We want our customers and stakeholders to be satisfied that:
    • we deliver services and solutions that are convenient, effective, efficient and that represent good value for money
    • we help them make more efficient, effective and safe transport choices
    • we listen to them and consider their views even when, in the end, we might not provide the answer or investment decision they had hoped for.

    Here’s the one that cracked me up laughing…FRONT UP!! What ANONYMOUSLY?

    how we work
    To help build the effectiveness of our organisation, we have developed three behaviours:
    1. Sign up – We commit to where we are going and we put our heart into what we do. We get engaged every day.
    2. Team up – We enjoy the people we work with and appreciate their talents. We find solutions for our customers with joined up thinking.
    3. FRONT UP – We are courageous. We tackle the difficult issues. We know our value and bring it to our work with confidence and good judgement. Our Organisational Development Strategy focuses on building a high-performing culture, by:
    • developing our people, because what distinguishes a great organisation is the calibre of its people
    • working with others really well, because we engage with a wide range of stakeholders and
    customers every day
    • achieving together, because we need to offer customers and stakeholders an NZTA that is ‘joined up’.

    I told Dangerfield to ‘Eat His Own Words’…He had signed off on that annual report.