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  1. Shirley Burnham, 21. December 2012, 19:22

    I hope you are aware of this website in the UK. It should give you useful information
    And campaigners here in the UK would very much like to know how things progress in NZ. Please tweet @ShirleyBurnham Thanks and Best wishes.

  2. Maximus, 21. December 2012, 20:03

    This guy sounds like a complete prat! Whoever thought it was a good idea to hire him?

  3. Dave, 21. December 2012, 21:51

    I’ve often wondered why council staff have to be employed in libraries. If all the libraries in the wellington region were owned and managed by a non-profit making trust, surely there would be economies of scale, avoidance of duplication and better service by dedicated library staff away from the annual council pruning knives? Not outsourced to any profit making or commercial organization, but a dedicated community trust which could partner with schools [school libraries should be connected to such a trust] and partners and find a better way of doing things than via a council owned and controlled model. Same with sports facilities and services, and arts facilities and services. I’ll be interested to see what the new CEO suggests in these areas and whether he proves trustworthy of being our new town clerk. In my opinion, he is starting off overpaid, and should accept a 50% pay cut for a start to demonstrate his commitment to serving ratepayers. Not gouging them.

  4. Grant Buist, 22. December 2012, 5:35

    This will not end well.

  5. cornwall council employee, 22. December 2012, 12:34

    You’re welcome to Mr Lavery. When he couldn’t get away with selling the Cornish to BT, he jumped ship. Watch out Wellington

  6. Phil C, 5. March 2013, 7:09

    Has this cowboy started yet? Do you know that under his stewardship Cornwall had the highest council employee credit card bill? And just in case you are under any illusions, Kev’s attitude to privatisation, outsourcing and his opposition to democratic representation can be found in the book “Smart Contracting for Local Government Services” where he advocates the removal of democratic processes to elect councillors and says that they should be appointed by the executive. Those with the “Kiwi disease” of privatisation will lap this stuff up. Bye-bye, city of culture.

    Shame on Celia Wade-Brown. Just another Tory cloaking herself in the shabby vestments of liberalism.