Deadline for North Kumutoto building proposals, after 12-day window

Statement from Waterfront Watch
Today was the closing date for expressions of interest for new buildings at North Kumutoto, the last stretch of Wellington’s waterfront that is public open space.

Waterfront Watch won an Environment Court case against Variation 11 to the Wellington City District Plan which would have stopped public notice of development in this area, and which allowed three buildings up to at least 6 storeys. The court has allowed two buildings with lower heights.

Now Wellington Waterfront Ltd, the Council Controlled Organisation managing this unique public space has opened and closed the window for developers to identify an interest in in this area – in a mere twelve days.

Twelve days is too little time for adequate distribution of the opportunity to offer a creative use of this space ; the inference could be drawn that a developer was already identified and in the pipeline.

During consultation on the Design Brief for development, many Wellington residents took the time to inform the Wellington City Council of their preferences. Over 60 attended an evening forum to express the view that this land should remain open, without another office or apartment block taking up precious space.

Waterfront Watch hopes this remaining area of open land becomes an attractive welcome to Wellingtonians and tourists alike and that it escapes being privatised.


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