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  1. JennyKay, 28. December 2012, 20:18

    Sounds dodgy. As a cricket fan, I can’t rely on NZ Cricket speaking for the sport when Chris Moller is in the pay of NZTA. He should stand down and NZ Cricket should reconsider the impact of a massive edifice with noisy traffic vibrating it running next to and overshadowing the Basin Reserve. And if we’re asking for reviews, have NZ GNS research give an assessment of earthquake prone risks of planting a bridge structure over a former swamp in shaky Wellington. A flyover is just too risky.

  2. C'est la vie, 29. December 2012, 15:37

    Reminds me of Forest and Bird supporting the sinking of the frigate (a last minute deal done during the hearing) and also the fish zoo at Te Raekaihau Point so the advocates of both of these proposals would support the south coast marine reserve. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours… Whether Chris Moller stands down or not is neither here nor there; he has his supporters in place to push the project through anyway.

  3. Michael Gibson, 31. December 2012, 8:40

    I do not think that NZ Cricket or the Stadium Trust need to worry too much when they have got Googly Morrison batting for them on the side of the Wellington City Council. I have seen the the legal advice he has been getting from so-respected Council sources & this shows that everything is honky-dory from the point of view of the Council’s powers-that-be.
    It is another question entirely whether such advice should be blindly accepted by any independently-minded elected person but we can relax in the certainty that that will happen when it becomes necessary.
    (Copy to Office of Auditor-General)