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Hobbit exceeds $US820m in 25 days; Dean O’Gorman top in hot dwarf survey

Over $US820million in 25 days – that’s the world-wide box office of Peter Jackson’s first Hobbit movie so far. Almost a third of this has been earned in the United States, where it’s showing on 4100 screens. It’s been number one at the American box office for its first three weeks, with ticket sales exceeding $US260million.

The figures are reported by BoxOfficeMojo. The film has also been top of the New Zealand box office since it opened before Christmas.

But box office returns are only one of the ways to judge the popularity of The Hobbit.

“Let’s talk about the dwarf eye candy,” writes a contributor on Buzzfeed.

He rates New Zealand actor Dean O’Gorman as number one – the hottest of the 13 dwarves. O’Gorman rates higher than Aidan Turner (Kili) who’s number two, James Nesbitt (number three) and the leading dwarf Thorin, played by Richard Armitage, who has much more to say in the film but rates only at number four on the Buzzfeed hotness table.

What next for The Hobbit?

It seems set to beat the record of Skyfall, which earned a worldwide box office gross of more than $US1billion last week. This was the biggest-ever figure for a Bond film. But Hobbits, it seems, have a wider appeal than James Bond.