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IMAGES: Mosquito, Spitfire and Kittyhawk – old warbirds over Wellington

warbird 1
Photo by Peter O’Carroll via Twitter from David Perks
Almost on schedule as promised, a formation of three Warbirds flew over Wellington at lunchtime today.

warbirds 2
Photo by G V Tedin

warbirds 3
Photo by G V Tedin

Press Release – Airways New Zealand
As a lead up to the Wings over Wairarapa airshow at the weekend, there will be a bit of activity over Wellington today. A formation comprising Mosquito (Keith Skilling), Spitfire (Gavin Trethewey) and P40 Kittyhawk (Liz Needham) plans to overfly the city and Wellington airport at 1215.

The plan is to get airborne from Hood Aerodrome, Masterton, at 1155 to be over the city at 1210-1215. They will be using the callsign “HOOD FORMATION”.

The desired route for RWY34 is:

MS – Hutt Valley – Petone – city waterfront – Island Bay – left base for run down RWY34 at the airport – vacate to MS via the harbour.

The desired route for RWY16 is:

MS – Hutt Valley – Petone – city waterfront – right base for run down RWY16 at the airport – right turn to Island Bay – back over the city to vacate to MS via the harbour.

Of course, it is weather and traffic dependent, but the Airways team at Wellington tower are on to it and will be doing their best to facilitate the flypast over the city and the airport as requested.

All pilots are very experienced military and/or airline aircrew and in formation flying. The formation will be led by the Mosquito.

It will be worth a look from a vantage point either in the your building or if you prefer the sound of a Merlin engine in full cry, perhaps the waterfront. If they can fly the routes proposed you will get to see them twice, once when they first arrive and secondly after they have flown over the airport.

Wings over Wairarapa this weekend

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  1. Daran Ponter, 21. January 2013, 13:30

    And a wonderful three days at Wings over Wairarapa. All credit to the organisers, owners, pilots and ground crew. Looking forward to the next one in two years.