How safe is the City to Sea Bridge?

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Now that Capital E has found a new venue, after having to leave its earthquake-prone theatre in Civic Square, there’s a question not only about the space that it has vacated, but also about the space above it.

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The council has given Capital E a yellow-stickered warning, similar to the ones that you see all over town. And Capital E has responded by moving its shows to Downstage. But if Capital E is yellow-stickered, then what’s the condition of the space above it?

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These stairs from Civic Square rise above the earthquake-prone Capital E space, heading towards the City to Sea bridge en route to Te Papa.

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At the top of the stairs, the paving is on the roof of the yellow-stickered Capital E. There’s no sign, however, of any yellow sticker in this area.

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This second set of stairs also leads to the paved area above the earthquake-prone Capital E.

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At the other end of Civic Square, the council has announced a drastic decision about another earthquake-prone structure. The Athfield-designed portico – hanging in space between the council offices and the library – is to be demolished.

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A different decision has been taken for the 110-year-old Town Hall. Yellow stickers have been placed at the entrances, and it’s to be closed in July. But not for demolition. It’s to be strengthened and then reopened. The work will take two years, or longer.


The council’s anxiety is shown by this sign inside the Town Hall, which can seat 1600 people. But thousands of people walk across the nearby City to Sea Bridge every day. So where’s a decision about the space above Capital E?


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