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  1. Pauline, 24. January 2013, 15:42

    What a brilliant submission…only hope the members of the Board of Inquiry are listening.

  2. John Clarke, 25. January 2013, 11:33

    The whole purpose of having a board of inquiry is to ensure that no-one is listening … not the board members, not the transport agency, and certainly not the politicians who are driving this monstrosity through the Kapiti community. The board is nothing but a politically expedient rubber stamp.

  3. Maximus, 25. January 2013, 11:37

    Elaine, while that is a lovely submission, I can’t help feeling that you are being overly naive in comparing Holland’s problems with New Zealand’s woes. Apart from the dutch origin of the name, we have almost nothing in common.
    They are the flattest country on earth, we are one of the hilliest.
    They have a massive population on very little land, we have a tiny tiny population on a very big long land.
    They have numerous, well-maintained trains criss-crossing the country providing a seamless transport system to almost anywhere, at any time, and we have one cruddy run-down train system that can only put on one train at a time to run the length of the island, and even then only 3 or 4 times a week.
    Their train system is massively subsidised, and everyone uses it.
    Our train system swallows money by the bucket-load just to stand still, and even then no-one really ever uses it outside of the 2 main cities.
    They have the ability to subsidize massive underground tunnel projects, from the massive amount they tax their population, while we struggle to afford a single grade separated road crossing on our national highway.
    They have a society that has grown in the presence of a network of cycle lanes and housing design and city design that supports walking and cycling and training – whereas we have as a country virtually grown up with the automobile, and our suburbs are anathema to the use of anything but cars.
    Please don’t get anyone’s hopes up that the government might provide a tunnel through anywhere even remotely useful. We have a fascist, right-wing, heavily market-oriented government in charge who have no intention of paying attention to anyone other than Mr Stephen Joyce, and you’d better dash your hopes and dreams now, as they have no currency in this world we live in.

  4. Elaine Hampton, 25. January 2013, 17:19

    Maximus you are so right, nothing in common with Holland – no subsidised rail service (everyone else subsidises rail, not God’s Own). Rail has to fund itself out of income here!
    NZers own more cars per head than USA but public transport is so bad they need them.
    A government that is impoverishing its tiny population, exporting jobs, wasting public money on pork barrel politics to service their backers. Trucking on.
    Oops I think we just agreed on something!