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  1. Curtis Nixon, 29. January 2013, 18:41

    A really well-written and interesting piece Elaine. Your points about the Buckle St plantings of good size trees and accompanying shrubs leads me to wonder: does NZTA recycle trees and other plants from scraped sites or send them to the dump? I know pohutukawa have high transplantability and could easily be moved to other sites.
    And does NZTA buy locally eco-sourced native trees and plants from WCC’s Berhampore Nursery?
    As for mitigations; Manners Mall was originally formed as a mitigation for the construction of Wellington motorway, I believe. To take it back away from pedestrians to be re-made as a road shows contempt for citizens and concepts of good urban design.

  2. Nick, 30. January 2013, 13:41

    I don’t know about pohutakawa, they are effectively a weed species in Wellington – they are not native to the region. Planting rata would be more appropriate.

  3. Phil C, 31. January 2013, 5:58

    A very good piece.

    I still fail to understand the logic behind central government making roading decisions for Wellington city. Why is there not a better balance of powers between central and local government?

  4. erentz, 2. February 2013, 12:02

    Phil C: I’m in complete agreement, but central government has the big chequebook and doesn’t want to give it up. It would be great if a certain percentage of the transport budget, or in fact just general Govt revenues, were given back to the local councils from where that revenue originated. And then the local councils were made to be responsible for more things (such as fully funding their own transport projects and maintenance). But sadly we’re going down a path of less and less local control, and more centralisation. So I don’t think we’ll ever see this happen unless there’s a radical shift in the philosophy of those in power (even Labour is unlikely to give up power here, I suspect the Greens would be more amenable to such ideas).

    Regarding the removal of mature trees, and all manner of general disruption: just wait until 10 years from now when they’re at it again, cuz they’ll realise the Vivian Traffic Sewer is a mess and needs fixing, or they should’ve tunneled under Taranaki St (as per their own recommendations), or for whatever other reason resulting from that fact that we refuse to put in place (and stick to) a real long term strategy for SH1 through Wellington.