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What’s not allowed at the Sevens – the banned lists

You need to study the rules before you head for the Sevens at the Stadium today. There are lists detailing what you’re not allowed to wear and what you’re not allowed to carry. No drinks! No chilly bins! No picnic baskets! No prams or pushchairs! No nudity! No smuggling! No golf clubs! All the following information comes from various sections of today’s Dom Post.

Costume no-nos
Shoes must be worn
The following are banned from Westpac Stadium:
Complete or near nudity
Any accessories that can be used as weapons or look like weapons
Costumes that are bigger than the size of your seat or that could interfere with other people’s views
Neon high-visibility vests or jackets
– this list is in the DomPost’s “Show Your Team Colours” magazine section

You can’t take in
Any drinks (alcohol or non alcohol)
Thermos flasks, gas bottles or cans or any liquid in sealed or unsealed containers
Hot food or takeaway food
Chilly bins, picnic baskets, large bags
Chair of any kind, pushchairs/prams
Sound amplifiers, musical instruments
Flag poles more than a metre long
Offensive signs or banners
Plastic imitation weapons
Gang patches
– this list is in the DomPost’s “Show Your Team Colours” magazine section

You can take in
Small amounts of cold food (such as sandwiches and fruit) in a soft-sided bag that will fit under your seat

Entry rules
No liquids or sealed bottles of any kind can be brought into the stadium this year
Anyone caught trying to smuggle in alcohol will lose their two-day ticket and be denied entry from [sic] the stadium
You can bring an empty water bottle up to one litre in size, which you can fill at any of the eight free water outlets
– this list is in the DomPost’s “Show Your Team Colours magazine section

Please remember the following Stadium rules
No beverages of any kind can be brought in. This includes water, alcohol, soft drinks, bottles, glass, cans and thermos flasks
You can bring in an empty plastic water bottle (max size 1 litre) and fill it at the water coolers on the concourse
No large bags
Bag searches will be conducted before entry
No passouts after 6pm on both days
You must pick up a wristband at the gates to purchase alcohol at the venue
Please be sensible as breach of entry rules will result in refused entry or eviction
– Westpac Stadium advertisement in the DomPost

“If it would be offensive to the man on the street, then it can’t be permitted. I think there’s a nude cowboy coming this year – how nude he is will be measured on the day.”
– Red Badge security company group director Andy Gollings talking to the DomPost’s Capital Day under a headline stating: “No nude, no rude and no lewd.”

“My [security] staff are people too. The measure is: what would the common man think? That’s got to be fair for everyone… Not permitted: a guitar, because that would be annoying and could be used as a weapon. Golf clubs, for the same reason. Plastic swords because they are more than likely to be used at some point to poke and annoy someone else.”
– Andy Gollings again.

“It’s like being at a nudist beach – you just go ahead and put it all out there.”
– Mike Blackmore, leader of a group of 89 who are dressing as Adams and Eves, interviewed on page one of the DomPost.

Mr Blackmore’s costumes “don’t cover much but they took hundreds of hours to complete,” reports the DomPost. A challenge for Mr Gollings and his staff? And for their common man/man on the street assessments.

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