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55 arrests during Sevens weekend – 12 at the Stadium, and 55 in the city

Police have issued their annual report card about crowd behaviour at the Sevens, showing that they arrested 67 people during Wellington’s weekend of partying.

Today’s report states:

Although there were more evictions than the previous day, the improved measures regarding intoxicated people entering the stadium had a positive effect on the crowd. There were a total of 5 arrests and 30 evictions made at the stadium throughout the course of the day. Many of the arrests were for minor offences such as fighting and offensive behaviour.

“Police will again be carrying out high visibility patrols throughout the city until 9am on Sunday morning,” said Sevens Operation Commander Inspector Simon Perry. He added, sounding somewhat like a school principal, that police staff at the stadium had noticed a higher standard of behaviour than in previous tournaments.

Friday’s stadium statistics: 7 arrests and 17 evictions.

And tonight’s after-tournament statistics for the party in town: 55 arrests, mostly for disorderly behaviour fuelled by alcohol and breaches of the liquor ban.