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Food, glorious food

The recently-installed four-letter neon sign in a side window at Nikau does its job perfectly.

It tells people that there’s a cafe hidden at the back of the City Gallery. And it’s a piece of neon art, deserving all the admiration that it’s getting for Nikau.


Also an example of cool design and also hidden away is the new Prefab, which has just opened in Jessie Street – not an area of town that’s known for its eating places. But every table was occupied on its first morning last week. Not surprising, because it’s run by the same people who started …


L’Affare, one block away in College Street, which also used to be a no-go street till L’Affare converted it into a destination. It seems that Prefab is doing the same for Jessie Street.


Nearby, there’s been a recent loss in Wellington’s food business. Shinobi, renowned for having the best Japanese food in town, hasn’t reopened after the Christmas break.


But there’s still plenty of choice for everyone who wants Japanese food. Oseki, just round the corner in Tory Street, is popular with a young student crowd. Behind its bland entrance, there’s a big room that’s crowded almost every night.


And all over town there’s takeaway sushi. This is one of the choices in Newtown.


And this one is near the hospital, on the narrow corner near the new Countdown supermarket, which has solved the carparking problem by making extra carparks available for the neighbourhood.