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  1. The City is Ours Inc., 19. February 2013, 10:08

    Many thanks to the Wellington Residents Coalition who collected in access of 18.000 signatures in 2008/09 on a petition saying NO to water meters in the Capital – these were presented to both WCC and GW.

  2. Curtis Nixon, 19. February 2013, 11:19

    Good on you Celia! I heard your speech and agree whole-heartedly.
    I support Gareth Morgan’s ‘Universal Basic Income’ idea that would function in the same way as a Living Wage. A UBI would also fulfil the same function as a Universal Child Benefit. Instead of all the different benefits and payments, one scheme could cover everything. I urge you to check out his book ‘The Big Kahuna’ or look online at – http://garethsworld.com/blog/tax-and-welfare/basic-income-for-all-would-free-industry/

  3. The City is Ours, 20. February 2013, 16:28

    “I voted against the sale of Capital Power – now the energy retail and lines businesses are separate and it’s impossible to assess what it would be worth today” – “A tale of two networks” by Peter Harris, Jim Turner and Dick Werry (November 2011.)

    The capital transactions of the regional electricity network constitutes an increase from about $180 million in 1990 to something in access of $800 million in 2008.