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Hataitai bus tunnel needs earthquake strengthening: first tests this weekend

Press Release – Wellington City Council
The Hataitai bus tunnel will be out of action this Saturday, 6am to midnight, to allow engineers to take samples to check the condition of the tunnel and the rock around it. The work is being done to help assess what earthquake strengthening is required on the tunnel.

Buses services that usually use this route, including the Airport Flyer, will be diverted through the Mt Victoria tunnel and along Kent and Cambridge terraces during the closure.

The Hataitai village bus stops will be temporarily relocated to Taurima Street and there will be no buses stopping in Elizabeth, Brougham or Pirie streets in Mt Victoria.

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  1. traveller, 22. February 2013, 19:30

    Why have there been no similar tests on the Mount Victoria Tunnel? Surely as it is such an old structure we should be told about its safety rating.

  2. andy foster, 22. February 2013, 19:50

    Hi Traveller. Mt Victoria tunnel is controlled by NZTA not by WCC. During the closures a year or so back NZTA was doing a lot of work in removing the existing ceiling structure which was in very poor repair regardless of earthquakes. Thankfully that work is now complete which is a significant safety benefit.

    In terms of tunnels per se, as I understand it generally the barrels of the tunnels are pretty strong by virtue of their shape – the weak point is generally the tunnel entrances.