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Council secrecy about its assessment of Basin Reserve roading options

Wellington City Councillors are this morning holding a workshop about Basin Reserve roading changes. But it’s a secret meeting. The issue is a major one for Wellingtonians. But the public are excluded.

The workshop starts at 11am in Committee Room 1. It’s expected to run for more than two hours.

The agenda:

Presentation and discussion on officer findings on assessment of alternative transport solutions for the Basin Reserve.

It’s bound to be a contentious meeting.

Given current discussion about the culture of the council, the agenda makes it sound as if the entire subject has been captured by the staff.

Worth reminding ourselves that the alternative transport solutions were requested by a majority vote of eight councillors who do not want a 380-metre-long concrete flyover built across Kent and Cambridge Terraces alongside the Basin Reserve.

It seems that Councillor Andy Foster, the transport portfolio leader, has been involved in the assessment process. In his article in the DomPost this week, he said that five options have been identified. Surprising, however, that the unwanted flyover is included in the list.

Expect a vigorous debate behind the closed doors this morning. Deputy mayor Ian McKinnon, economic portfolio Jo Coughlan, and mayoral-critic John Morrison are among the minority of seven councillors who think the flyover would improve the Basin Reserve area. But though they’re our elected representatives, we are not allowed to hear what they’ll be saying.

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  1. Maximus, 28. February 2013, 22:21

    Perhaps not entirely surprising that the “unwanted flyover is included in the list”, as that is, after all, the government’s sole proposal for the area?