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“Focus on mitigation to ensure flyover is integrated,” says NZTA’s Patsy Reddy

Press Release – NZTA
The NZTA Board has today welcomed the conclusion of the Wellington City Council assessment into alternative transport improvements for the Basin Reserve, which concludes that NZTA’s Basin Bridge proposal is the best overall response to the Basin’s congestion problems and the City’s future urban development objectives.

NZTA acting Board Chair Patsy Reddy says the findings of the report were discussed with Wellington City Council Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Transport portfolio lead Andy Foster at a Board meeting today.

“Mayor Wade-Brown and Cr Foster outlined the findings of the Council’s assessment report, indicating its support for the bridge proposal with a focus on mitigation to ensure the bridge is integrated into the surrounding urban area.”

“We appreciate the work the Council has done and look forward to working collaboratively with them through the RMA approval process.”

Ms Reddy says the Board had a constructive discussion with the Mayor and Cr Foster, reflecting on the effort made in the assessment report.

“Wellington City Council has specifically assessed the NZTA’s Basin Bridge proposal, the Architecture Centre’s Option X, Auckland Architect Richard Reid’s option and comparing these with a do minimum/status quo option.

“The information gathered and discussed has been valuable in clarifying the differences between each option.”

The Board will meet again in the middle of March to agree on a detailed mitigation package and the RMA lodgement timetable.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Council. We want to ensure the best transport solution is developed for the city that best meets the Council’s urban design aspirations, fits within our collective wish to maintain Wellington as a liveable city that supports economic development and growth.”

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  1. Sue Watt, 1. March 2013, 20:39

    I am very concerned that NZTA continues to push its outmoded 1970s ‘answer’ to what is really only a peak time problem of some congestion around the Basin Reserve. I walk, bus, and drive through this area a lot, as a Mt Victoria resident, and I rarely have to wait anywhere at all. It is very short-term thinking to design roads for cars and trucks at their maximum usage and to turn our city streets and heritage sites into ugly concrete, alien environments that do nothing to welcome the walker, cyclist and public transport user. NZTAs cavalier attitude that is determined to turn our local communities into a car/truck cult as in Auckland and Tauranga is inhuman.

  2. Architect, 4. March 2013, 13:32

    ”integrated into the surrounding urban area.”
    Does that mean everything has to be as ugly as the flyover, so it matches?

  3. BD, 4. March 2013, 23:11

    This is like putting a dress on a bull-dog, making us think it is NZ’s next top model. Give me a break, we are not fooled by this rubbish. It’s an ugly fly-over. We already have one in Auckland called Victoria Park Viaduct from the 196’s, a stupid solution from the past. We don’t want to ruin Wellington and turn it into a concrete jungle like Auckland.