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Kapiti Expressway gets the go-ahead

The Environmental Protection Authority announced today that the Kapiti Expressway has been given formal approval, subject to conditions, by its board of inquiry.

The approval is contained in the Draft Report and Decision from the Peka Peka Expressway Board of Inquiry.

The EPA says the draft decision confirms the notice of requirement sought by the Transport Agency and grants the resource consents subject to the imposition of conditions contained in Volume 2 of the decision.

As required under section 149Q of the RMA, the Draft Report and Decision has been provided to the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Kapiti Coast District Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, all 728 submitters, the Minister for the Environment and landowners and occupiers directly affected by the Draft Decision.

These parties have until 3 April to comment on minor or technical aspects of the Draft Decision.

The draft decision in full

The conditions in full

News from NZ Government
Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee today welcomed the draft decision approving regulatory and resource consent applications for the SH1 MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway by an independent Board of Inquiry under the Government’s national consenting process with the Environmental Protection Authority.

“The Government welcomes the Board of Inquiry’s draft decision to approve the regulatory and resource consent applications for the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway and we look forward to the Board’s final decision in April,” Mr Brownlee says. “This is a significant milestone towards the progression of this nationally significant road, which would be a key component of the Wellington Northern Corridor Road of National Significance, and provide a much safer, efficient and more resilient transport route north of Wellington.

“April’s decision will provide welcome certainty for the people of Kapiti and the thousands of road users who rely on this busy highway lifeline.”

The Wellington Northern Corridor is one of seven Roads of National Significance being progressed by the Government to improve economic productivity and road safety on New Zealand’s most important strategic transport routes.

Subject to the Board of Inquiry’s final decision, construction on the MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway could begin as early as 1 July, and be completed in 2017.

“Ridiculous, shoddy,” says Save Kapiti

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  1. ben, 5. March 2013, 0:01

    did you expect any other outcome from the national bull dozer? oh well lots of monitoring and someone there to “listen” to the people for a year after it’s built. you get what you vote for.