Wellington Scoop

Stagnation or frugal sense?

by Celia Wade-Brown
Steady as you go is appropriate for the straitened financial times.

Earthquake strengthening of tunnels and sea walls and reservoirs – more $s allocated.

A major public education campaign about community and household preparedness.

Library evening hours reduced – no closures of libraries – when less than 10 people in some locations! Also subject to consultation.

Most business people agree that, however effective, fifteen years is a long time to have one chief executive. There is no guarantee of an early departure, despite the Dompost and the Wellingtonian being extraordinarily unwelcoming. A chief executive with a PhD in Urban Studies should be welcome.

We’ve put Zealandia on a steady footing.

We’ve extended bus lanes and improved wait times for pedestrians, and lowered speed limits in some suburban centres. Not as noticeable as a flyover, but useful for many.

We had a most successful Hobbit premiere and royal visit and many conferences in the city.

Destination Wellington has been developed and is about to launch.

Shed 6 has been transformed into an attractive new venue.

The Jazz Festival has been successfully reignited.

No we haven’t committed $20 or $50 million to a shiny new monument.

School pools and learn to swim have been invested in partnership.

New artificial turfs keep players playing, young and old.

Regents Park, Hanson Court and Central Parks flats have been opened – new or renovated – completely strengthened, warm, safe homes.

If you have a community services card, your child can swim for$1.70

And leadership means protection of what we have – not always rushing forward to build monuments like a casino or hotel on the waterfront.

Many Wellingtonians agree that more roading is not desirable.

Many Wellingtonians agree that bigger councils are not the answer to local democracy. Advocating for local democracy is unpopular with those interests who want a supercity.

We continue to work on long haul.

We continue to be a really welcoming, cosmopolitan capital and develop our diplomatic corps into Wellington ambassadors.

We continue to have a marvellous range of events and festivals, small and large.

The mayor of Wellington is responding to a negative editorial in this morning’s DomPost.


  1. Driver, 16. March 2013, 9:44

    I certainly agree about roading. It’s important that the mayor and the seven councillors (who voted against the Basin flyover in December) maintain their opposition to it at next Thursday’s meeting.

  2. Pauline, 16. March 2013, 10:03

    Driver, I totally agree with you and commend Andrew Williams of NZ First and his description of the Basin flyover as an “outdated concrete and steel monstrosity”.
    There are many old Wellingtonians like me who remember the Basin as the host to many activities other than cricket (including women’s), marching girls, pipe and brass bands, soccer, concerts, school sports and could go on…. which begs the question: why is the Basin not used all year round?