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A rally against the Basin Reserve flyover

News from Save the Basin Campaign
How do we plan to save the Basin Reserve from the flyover plans of the Government and the Transport Agency? And what can our supporters do to help? That’s the focus of our “Rally to Save the Basin”, at The Film Archive this Saturday from 4.30-6.30pm.

Our speakers include:

Lindsay Shelton, editor of Wellington.Scoop and co-founder of Waterfront Watch.
Mary Varnham, publisher at Awa Press and founder of the “Chaffers Park Make it Happen” campaign.
Joanna Newman, Save the Basin Campaign spokesperson and Mt Victoria Historical Society Chair, with the wider historical perspective.
Tim Jones, co-Convenor of the Save the Basin Campaign, on the current state of play on the flyover campaign.
Murray Parker, active Save the Basin Campaign member, on how supporters can get actively involved in the campaign and what help we need.

We’ll be screening three videos made by Elizabeth Press for Streetfilms.org in conjunction with The Fund for the Environment and Urban Life. They are:

Highway Removal
A tour of highway removal projects in four US Cities

Road Diet
A road diet is any time you take a lane out of a road – it helps traffic flow more smoothly and improves safety for everyone

Fixing the Great Mistake
How planning for cars drastically altered a major avenue in New York, and how it can be reclaimed for people

Save the Basin Rally
Saturday from 4.30pm
at the Film Archive, corner of Taranaki and Ghuznee Streets