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Rally marches to Parliament in protest against asset sales

News from Say No To Asset Sales
A nationwide program of rallies opposing the government’s asset sales program has been organized for today. In Wellington, the group will meet at Te Aro Park (cnr Dixon/Taranaki – “Pigeon Park”) at 2:00pm, then march through town to Parliament grounds. There will be music and speakers.

“Many people are under the impression that the sale of our state assets is a fait accompli. It most definitely is not too late to stop the sale especially given the cloud of uncertainty around these sales. It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no worthy or just reason to sell off our state assets.” says Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati, spokesperson for Aotearoa Not for Sale Wellington.

Organizers of the march (Aotearoa Not For Sale) see polls which consistently show a clear majority of those polled are opposed to the sale of power companies. Organizers also note that though 10% of New Zealanders have signed up for more information about the proposed sale of Mighty River Power, 90% have not.

It would be a failure of democracy for the government to go ahead with the sale. The citizen’s initiated referendum on the sale of power companies must be held. And the Southland Tiwai Point aluminium smelter development is only the latest to expose the government’s deceptive claims on the economics of the sale.

The fight still goes on to stop asset sales. Organizers urge the hundreds and thousands of ordinary `mums and dads’ and other New Zealanders opposed to these sales to come together for this march.