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Labour names five “talented and popular” candidates for October election

News from NZ Labour Party
The Labour Party last week announced five outstanding candidates to contest this year’s Wellington local body elections with a focus on putting democracy back into local government.

Labour’s Local Government Committee Chairperson Dave Currie said the candidates included:

· Paul Eagle, Councillor for the WCC Southern ward

· Leonie Gill, Councillor for the WCC Eastern ward

· Daran Ponter, Councillor for Wellington City ward of Greater Wellington Regional Council

· David Choat, Member of the Capital and Coast District Health Board; and

· Mark Peck, former Labour MP who will contest the WCC Lambton ward

Mr Currie said the talented and popular Labour candidates would focus on making the community’s voice heard around the Council table.

“We’ve selected an outstanding group of candidates who will put democracy back into local government. They will crack down on outsourcing of core services and curb the job cuts made by unelected managers within Council. Labour will ensure the voice of local people is heard.”

Councillor Paul Eagle says he is looking forward to launching another successful “grassroots” campaign, after he won the Southern ward for Labour for the first time in nine-years.

“Local government is about doing things for local people. Our team will again knock on every door and talk to every voter we can to ensure we represent them properly in local government,” Mr Eagle said.

District Health Board member David Choat said the elections were an opportunity for the people of Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti to tell the government to stop underfunding health.

Former MP Mark Peck said voters were looking for a fresh approach and he is excited about being part of Labour’s new team to contest and win the October elections.


  1. Nora, 24. April 2013, 15:06

    Cannot believe Gill is on the list, as I understand she still takes her orders from the ex Mayor and certainly she has shown little support for Celia. Would be interesting to see her voting record. Pleased I don’t live in the Eastern suburbs, but I would certainly vote for Paul and Mark if I was in their ward…..Thank heavens for Daran – he is very approachable and at least I can vote for him.

  2. Reggie, 24. April 2013, 15:27

    Good line-up! Time to wipe out a few of the time-servers and preening Green councillors who are more obsessed with being hip than actually looking out for the community

  3. Ella, 24. April 2013, 16:29

    Go Mark! Your time as a small business owner can only strengthen your position and willingness to help out the local community, you were a great boss in my time at Little Peckish and you would definitely have my vote if I was home! 🙂

  4. John Clarke, 24. April 2013, 21:59

    That old fossil Leonie Gill is running for council again?! I would have thought that standing for secretary of her local retirement home would have been more appropriate.

  5. Hel, 24. April 2013, 22:17

    Struggle to see what value Councillor Gill adds, must be a shortage of talent wanting to get involved in local government. At least I suppose she is willing to put her name forward but can’t see how the city can go forward with the mix of lifers and light weights.

  6. Driver, 24. April 2013, 23:11

    Councillor Gill voted against her Labour colleagues when she voted in favour of the flyover. Surely when Grant Robertson and Annette King and Paul Eagle are so strongly opposed to it, then she should be too. Surprising, therefore, to see her back on the party’s list of candidates.

  7. Lee, 25. April 2013, 13:43

    Leonie Gill votes with the Nats on Council!
    Can’t Labour find someone else who would vote like a Labour member?

  8. Rufus Sixsmith, 25. April 2013, 14:35

    I believe there was a real bun fight over the selecting of Gill. She won’t follow Labour policy and her voting record mirrors that of John Morrison … definitely no socialist agenda there.

    In the end she was selected because there would have been a scandal if she wasn’t … however it would have been more honest to have her outside the tent pissing on Labour voters than inside the tent doing the same.

  9. Brent Efford, 26. April 2013, 22:40

    The survival of Leonie Gill shows that the ‘if you are on the ticket you have a job for life’ mentality still persists in the 21st century Labour Party! Shades of Frank Kitts. She is an odd fit with stars like Daran and Paul.
    The Green Party has had defectors too (think Stephen Rainbow) but at least they had the decency to quit the party, not continue to wear the badge and collect the donkey votes while betraying the principles.
    Likewise, Fran Wilde was a Labour member once (I helped her winning Wellington Central campaign in 1981!) but no one associates her with that party these days.

  10. Michael Gibson, 28. April 2013, 10:29

    With respect, Leonie Gill’s fate should be in the hands of the voters.
    A lot of right-wing voters will clearly be voting for her because of her particular credentials & the Labour Party has obviously decided that it needs these votes & is happy to be represented in this way.
    Be happy! At least there is a Labour candidate in the Eastern Ward – there is no Labour candidate at all in other Wards such as ours!.

  11. Chrissie, 29. April 2013, 18:59

    Leonie Gill spends a huge amount of time helping people in the
    community . if you’d lived in the area you’d know.

  12. George, 29. April 2013, 21:30

    Leonie Gill did support keeping the CityOps staff, voted against the council water company getting more power and is a proponent of the living wage campaign. That’s good hearty Labour stuff and she’s an easy person to get hold of when you need a hand with a problem. She’s better than those other 2 out there. the voters will decide, anyone know who else is standing?