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Nicola Young standing for city council – “energetic, enthusiastic, reliable”

News release from Nicola Young
I will be standing for Lambton Ward in this year’s local body elections, because I’m concerned Wellington is languishing behind Auckland and Christchurch, with the danger of turning into another Canberra – with businesses leaving, and the risk the city will become totally dependent on government departments.

Too many of our councillors are gliding on; they’ve been there for decades and have lost interest; as we’ve seen with the dithering over roading decisions, the confusion over staff cuts at CityOps, and the cancellation of the Council’s February meeting at a time when the WCC was required to endorse the region’s water restrictions.

The capital needs – and deserves – fresh and energetic councillors, prepared to make decisions.

I’m energetic, enthusiastic, reliable, and pragmatic so I want to use my skills, business experience and talents to serve the people of Wellington, as a councillor for the Lambton Ward.

I was born, raised and educated here; I grew up in Mt Victoria and Kelburn; more recently I’ve lived in Mt Cook, Northland and Te Aro. I went to school in Thorndon and Island Bay, then studied at Wellington’s Polytechnic in Mt Cook. I really know Wellington, and Lambton Ward.

I want our capital city to prosper and sparkle; a city that’s affordable and vibrant. I want our capital to be safe, lively and business-friendly. We need coherent and long-term thinking for our future, focusing on things that will improve our quality of life and attract tourism.

Information about Nicola Young

Born and raised in Wellington. Attended St Mary’s Primary School in Thorndon; Erskine College in Island Bay (head girl & led its debating team); then studied news journalism at Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University).

First job was at The Evening Post, as a civic reporter & feature writer. Then set off on her OE through Asia, Europe and ended up in the United Kingdom where she married, raised two children (Matthew and Jacobina) and renovated an old house.

Worked in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market, before moving across to financial and investor public relations where she ran the European office of an Australian investor relations consultancy.

Returned to Wellington in 1996 with her children and set up Viewpoint Communications, her own communications and political strategy consultancy. Has written a number of major policy documents including New Zealand’s first biosecurity strategy (‘Tiakina Aotearoa, Protect New Zealand’), provided government relations advice to PHARMAC for 16 years, and political advice to a number of corporate and private clients. Since 2006, has written feature articles for Tommy’s real estate magazine.

Quintessential Wellingtonian: socially liberal and progressive; devoted to the promotion of the city’s vibrant arts scene; and really connected to the capital city. Loves the arts, walking around the city and Town Belt, and cycling around the waterfront. An enthusiastic supporter of Wellington’s city’s terrific food culture, and also a local history junkie.

Made an honorary member of Victoria University’s Alumni Association in 2000, in recognition of the help given its School of Music in finding sponsors for its opera productions. Appointed to Victoria University’s School of Music Advisory Board (2002-2006) and St James’ Theatre Trust (2002-2005).

Memberships: Circa Theatre, NZ Portrait Gallery, Historic Places Trust, Civic Trust, Mt Victoria Historical Association, Friends of Mount Street Cemetery, Friends of the Town Belt, Karori Sanctuary, and Sculpture Trust.

Benefactor: Old St Paul’s & NZ Opera.

Interests: Cooking, movies, reading (modern novels & history), the English language, history, eclectic music, swimming, tramping New Zealand’s great walks, Ashtanga Yoga & cycling (slightly wobbly).


  1. Jeremy Coles, 29. April 2013, 15:43

    Can I suggest that you don’t use DomPost articles as your only source of information as they focus on minor sensationalised points that are inaccurate if not incorrect. [The release about Nicola Young was issued by Nicola Young.]

  2. Digby, 29. April 2013, 16:42

    Hilarious! Classic, meaningless waffle from a self-confessed professional PR practitioner. Yes, we get it that you live in Wellington but what exactly what are these ‘decisions’ that you are prepared to make, Nicola? Where do you stand on the rates differential; the flyover; outsourcing of council services; water-metering, for example?

  3. Tim, 29. April 2013, 20:46

    This puff piece could just as easily been about Kerry Prendagahst. A “news release” indeed”. All I get from this is that she loves the arts, wants to challenge the lazy careerists and is peshnit (as they all apparently are!)

    Can we actually know where she stands on the important issues – the very least you could have done is ASK her a few questions to accompany this ‘breaking news’.

  4. George, 29. April 2013, 21:23

    Another “independent” but in reality, a vote for Nicola, is a vote for the right. It’s a very similar approach to that used by Eastern Councillor Simon Marsh: ensure you appeal to everyone – get on the council – then vote with the right (knowing that no one really checks how councillors vote!)

  5. peter@east-welly, 30. April 2013, 2:07

    Nice PC comments, but just what do you stand for. Give us the facts. Are you left, right, green, or in the middle? Can your vote be bought, like many of the incumbents? Remember, this is how you’ll be judged in three years’ time. Are you an economist, are you fiscally prudent, do you understand a balance sheet, are you prepared to be held responsible if things go pear-shaped, or will you walk into Council Chambers and say to some lying, cheating filthy mongrel, “Hoi, you, you’re nothing but trouble, now on your bike, be gone, we’ve had enough of your irresponsibility. Be gone. Some of us have real work to do !!” Can you roll your sleeves up and make a difference? Or are you just another blowhard, same old – same old.

  6. Stephen Roberts, 9. May 2013, 10:49

    Odd that she excluded that she stood for National in Rongotai in 2005 in her about me profile. She was also ranked 61 on the list for National at that election.