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Four charges against man with knife who was tasered and shot by police

News from NZ Police
Police have charged a 47-year-old man with a range of charges after he was tasered and shot by Police while assaulting his pregnant partner with a weapon early yesterday morning. Today he was charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, wounding with intent to injure, threatening to kill and contravening a protection order.

Further charges are likely and he will appear in Porirua District Court this afternoon.

A 39-year-old woman was discharged from hospital yesterday and is being interviewed by Police today.

The other 49-year-old women at the address underwent surgery last night and remains in hospital. Police are looking to interview her once she is discharged.

The criminal investigation, being headed by an independent Detective Inspector from out of the area, is continuing with a scene examination at the Penguin Grove property continuing today.

The inquiry team has been bolstered by staff from surrounding areas with a total of 22 officers working on the investigation. The Independent Police Complaints Authority investigation is also underway.

Detective Inspector Tusha Penny, head of the investigation, says “Although we are only on day two of the investigation, progress is steady and we are hoping to complete all our critical interviews by early next week”.

News from NZ Police – May 2
Kapiti-Mana police were greeted by a distressed 49-year-old women with a large cut on her arm when they were called to a Penguin Grove property in Waitangirua early this morning. They heard an altercation coming from an upstairs room and forcibly entered the room to find a 47-year-old man with a knife over a 39-year-old woman. Believing there was an imminent threat to her life, one officer deployed a taser with a second shooting the man in the shoulder.

All three people were taken to Wellington Hospital by Ambulance staff. The 47-year-old will undergo surgery for the shoulder injury today but his injuries are not considered life threatening.

Police have launched an investigation, headed by an independent investigator from out of the area, and a scene examination will be undertaken over the course of the day.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has been advised and they will undertake their own investigation.

Detective Inspector Paul Basham says “As with all incidents like this, we will undertake a thorough and independent investigation into what has occurred.

“The initial indications are that the two Police officers have acted professionally and taken decisive action to save the life of this woman”.

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  1. Tim Fookes, 2. May 2013, 10:29

    Neighbours say domestic violence common occurrence btwn man and woman involved in the stabbing in Porirua this morn. @talkbacktim