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Cycling is booming, so why are we the most dangerous city for cycling?

by Patrick Morgan of Cycle Aware Wellington [1]
Cycling is booming in Wellington (it has doubled since 2006) but we have a poor record in cycling safety. In fact, Transport Agency figures show we’re the most dangerous city to cycle in. However there are effective, proven ways to address this problem:

– safer speeds
– fix pinch points and crash black spots
– build quality cycleways

This will require removing a few on-street carparks.

Wellington has many thousands on-street car parks. We’re talking about a tiny percentage. Often there is unused space on nearby side streets.

Many households have 2, 3 or more cars. It’s reasonable to expect them to park on their own property or nearby.

One in three Wellingtonians ride bikes.

We all benefit when more people ride bikes, more often: safety, clean air, clean water, health, better for local businesses. Fun! Good for retail. Good for people on the bus and in cars, less ‘side friction’ on main roads.

Improving cycling is the ‘best buy’ in transport. For each dollar we invest there are $20 of benefits, especially to health. And the govt puts in $1 for every $1 the Council invests.

The Council has made a start: safer speeds on the Golden Mile and suburban centres.

Let’s continue these sensible projects, and raise our game so that we’re all better off.

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