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SCOOP IMAGES: Flooding in Newtown and eight other suburbs

There’s been flooding all over Wellington this morning, with Newtown hit hard when drains in Roy Street, next to the Zoo, failed to cope with the heavy rain.


As a result, parts of the street were flooded. Several houses suffered flood damage when the water rose into ground floor rooms.


Press Release – Wellington City Council
There has been surface flooding around the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Since 9am the Council’s call centre has received about 150 calls from residents and businesses all over the city. Flooding is affecting streets in the CBD, Kilbirnie, Brooklyn, Newtown, Island Bay, Melrose, Hataitai, Lyall Bay, Wilton and Karori.

There have been reports of surface water entering a number of businesses in the CBD.

There was significant flooding in the Basin Reserve area. Morning traffic built up along Kent Terrace as far as Oriental Parade.

Manhole covers have been blown out on some roads, including Karori Road – so we urge motorists to use extreme caution and, if possible, avoid driving until the heavy rain eases.

Airport closed by high winds


  1. Dave Armstrong, 6. May 2013, 10:23

    Up to knees in water in street, clearing drains so car wouldn’t float away. Suspect stormwater drainage is now mayoral election issue

  2. City Council, 6. May 2013, 10:47

    At 10a.m.
    Traffic heavy along Kent Terrace due to flooding in Basin Reserve – motorists advised to use Taranaki Street to / from the southern suburbs.

  3. Save the Basin, 6. May 2013, 14:23

    Flooding at the Basin Reserve today after the heavy rain. The Fire Service had to pump out – I kid you not – the nearby Duckworth-Lewis Apartments.

  4. Rosamund, 6. May 2013, 15:39

    …and thats why it’s so sensible (!) to create a new water course from Mt.Cook to the harbour via Taranaki Wharf…the best trees might be willows or we could reinstate the raupo swamp along the former harbour edge. Seriously, this weather event emphasises the difficulty of creating any sort of subterranean road below a flood plain or resting (!) on a known liquefaction zone ie: Te Aro.