Who do you believe about Wellington? The PM, or the PM?

The Prime Minister has been contradicting himself. Or perhaps there are two John Keys, who don’t tell each other what they’re thinking.

“The reality is that even Wellington is dying and we don’t know how to turn it around.” – John Key speaking to Takapuna business leaders last week, as quoted by the DomPost this morning.

“All you have [in Wellington] is government, Victoria University, and Weta Workshop.” More analysis from the Prime Minister in Takapuna.

“Maybe if John Key was out of the Beehive more often he would see it’s all alive and well.” – Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

“The film industry is booming and it is unfair to point only to Weta, as there are hundreds of other support companies.” – Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

“I’m disturbed and dismayed that the Government seems to want to write off Wellington.” – PSA national secretary Brenda Pilott.

“It certainly doesn’t feel like a dying city to me. The city has a vibrancy that’s the envy of many other cities, with our events programme, compactness, cuisine and night scene leading the way.”- Wellington Employers Chamber of Commerce chief executive Raewyn Bleakley.

“I don’t think it’s dying.” – John Key speaking after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, and quoted by the DomPost.

“I should have said under sustained pressure, which would have been a better terminology. The capital is very vibrant, actually.” – John Key having second (or third?) thoughts this morning, as quoted, again, by the DomPost.

“If I’ve offended then I unreservedly apologise…Actually Wellington’s an extremely vibrant place…I should have chosen my words better.” – John Key, quoted by the NZ Herald this morning.

PM offers “unreserved apology”
Govt should be working with Wellington – Andy Foster


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