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Election year is chance to fix Wellington’s problems, says Jack Yan

Media release from JY&A Media
Wellington mayoral candidate Jack Yan has responded to Prime Minister John Key’s earlier comments about the city ‘dying’. While he acknowledges that the Prime Minister has since quickly backtracked on his comments, he believes that Wellington has the right ingredients to be an economic and cultural leader.

Mr Yan acknowledges that the capital’s economic growth is stagnant and that its population growth lags behind other major centres’, and that the Prime Minister has highlighted the distance between Wellington’s current political leadership and his own government.

He states, ‘The PM would have seen that the ingredients that men like the late Sir Paul Callaghan believed could lead an export recovery are here. Innovative thinking, intellectual capital. We just haven’t nurtured it properly because we’ve entrusted same-again politicians to do the job.’

He thanks the Prime Minister for raising a debate about what Wellington should be in the next half-century. ‘It’s election year, and it’s our opportunity to fix our problems,’ he says.

‘You’ll see from today’s reactions that there’s civic pride in Wellington, most likely because Wellingtonians see what I do: a more cultured, globally minded workforce that’s intelligent and savvy.’

With Mr Key identifying Weta as one of the firms that have succeeded in Wellington, Mr Yan says, ‘We know Sir Peter Jackson’s not alone­because there are so many other innovators here, not necessarily in something as glamorous as film. They’re the backbone of our city’s economy.

‘You’ll also see that this identification with and sticking up for Wellington is the same energy that drives everything from trade to Olympic bids, more so than nation branding efforts have ever managed.’

Mr Yan says his plans, if elected Mayor in October, ‘call for not only identifying and promoting those great firms that are innovative and socially responsible, but the use of my knowledge globally to do just what is needed for Wellington.’

He also expects a better working relationship between the Mayor’s office and central government because of his record working with global firms at a high level.

‘It’s why in 2010, and again in 2013, I’ve made innovation a priority. Free wifi, which I proposed and we now have, was only a signal to say Wellington is open for business. The costs of extending it are relatively low. Pedestrianization, greening the CBD, and transportation improvements are needed­and we have the nous and the knowledge to get them done,’ he says.


  1. peter@east-welly, 7. May 2013, 23:04

    2010 – last local body elections – Jack Yan stands, speaks out.
    2011 – 2012 Jack Yan remains silent. Wellington stagnates. No sign of an alternative leadership.
    March 2013 – get out the bunting, ring the bells, blow the whistles, inflate the balloons, Jack Yan steps out to stand. Like Mark Blumsky and others who went in without having learnt the “ropes”, he’ll be putty to the like of GWRC and the National Ministers. Christmas won’t come fast enough for them. Jack’ll be dancing to the tunes of a million politicians calling the tunes.
    As for Celia – look out – she’s still got her flotilla of Morris dancers, ready to mesmerize at a moments notice.

  2. Celia WB, 12. May 2013, 18:02

    Jack makes good points about the depth of innovation and talent here – and civic pride.

    We are working together with several partners on promoting the capital in NZ and overseas as a business and student destination, as well as a good place to visit.

    Events are a way of drawing attention to the capital – whether it’s the sold-out Madame Butterfly, NRL, AFL or Wellington-on-a-plate. I’m still getting emails from Sydney and Melbourne residents and AFL supporters who are keen to come back soon and who are following up business leads.

    Council can help make a good environment for talent to enjoy – think walkable, compact, exciting, good wi-fi, mountain-biking, events. It’s the businesses themselves that can create new jobs!