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Mayor defends Wellington’s growth, offers PM a tour of city businesses

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown responded to the Prime Minister’s criticisms today with a day of media interviews – she was on Radio NZ’s Nine to Noon, and she was also interviewed by TV3, TVNZ, Sky TV, Newstalk and Radio Live.

Her responses included facts – seemingly not known by John Key – about Wellington’s diversifying economy.

She reminded the Prime Minister that Wellington’s growth has been at 1.5% every year since 2007, more than the region (1%) and more than NZ as a whole (0.4%). Over the last decade, Wellington has never dipped into negative growth, yet Auckland and most other parts of NZ did.

The Mayor offered to tour the Prime Minister around Wellington businesses. No doubt, she’ll be offering visits to some of the biggest businesses that he’s never heard of.