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Jack Yan calls for Mayor to hold debate on plans to revive Wellington

Media release from J&Y Media
Wellington mayoral candidate Jack Yan has welcomed Prime Minister John Key’s caution that Wellington is being put under sustained pressure, and is calling on incumbent Celia Wade-Brown to hold a public debate about her plans for leading a revival of the city’s prospects.

“I’m glad that Prime Minister John Key has heightened the debate about whether the people leading Wellington have either been asleep at the wheel or have simply run out of ideas,” says Jack Yan.

“The quality of Wellington’s future is dependent on strong leadership. If that leadership isn’t cutting it then a time has to come when it’s best to step aside and make way for a new approach.

“As I said in an unpublished opinion piece supplied to the DominonPost two weeks ago, the choice is simple. We can opt for same old, same old politics as usual, or identify and nurture the right players in our business sector.

“At the last local government election I was the only candidate for instance who fully endorsed the Wellington Property Council’s blueprint for Wellington as contained in a report championed by urban developer Ian Cassels.

“That report – The Future of Our Capital – made a strong case for the part that the private sector has to play in unleashing Wellington’s latent potential.

“It’s time we revisited that report and that an urgent platform was provided for city champions and leaders like Ian Cassels and myself to debate the issues on the same platform as the mayor.

“This challenge to move the debate out to the people of Wellington sooner than later is a challenge that Celia Wade-Brown needs to take up now, before any more doubt is cast on the great prospects for Wellington”.


  1. L. College, 9. May 2013, 9:51

    So good to hear from Jack Yan & to have some guidelines laid down for voters.

  2. peter@east-welly, 9. May 2013, 15:52

    Jack Yan spoke out in 2010, then nothing. Others have spoken out, consistently. Jack is waving a flag now, drawing attention to himself, but why wait 2 &1/2 years if you really care about the city as he says he does.
    Superficial !!

  3. elmer, 9. May 2013, 18:45

    “As I said in an unpublished opinion piece supplied to the DominionPost two weeks ago …”
    Galvanising stuff.

  4. Wayne Howard, 9. May 2013, 21:55


    What, would you rather have had Jack campaign for the mayoralty continuously over these last three years? And I’m pretty sure I heard him being vocal over the Wellywood sign fiasco.

  5. elmer, 10. May 2013, 14:12

    No – better to have him trying to campaign, but failing to get published.


  6. TGIF, 10. May 2013, 15:41

    Maybe he should supply the opinion piece to his web site and see if he will publish it!

  7. peter@east-welly, 10. May 2013, 15:46

    Wayne – My thoughts are, if you’re a serious contender, you need to keep your name before the public eye, and if there are issues that are contentious, you should comment. I haven’t seen Jack at any public meetings, he hasn’t gotten involved in any community issues, now all of a sudden he stands up, and says vote for me. Sounds more like a guy seeking self-publicity rather than someone genuinely interested in his community – the people of Wellington.