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  1. Anon., 23. May 2013, 9:26

    Letter published in the Dominion Post: “Another bonus from having John Morrison as Mayor ….. would be if he was replaced by another nice Councillor in the Western Ward. With real luck, this could even be somebody hard-working who took an interest in local isssues!”

  2. John Clarke, 23. May 2013, 9:58

    This is excellent news – every mayoral race needs a grumpy old man running. Last time around it was Michael Fowler, who from the public meeting I went to was mostly deaf and almost incoherent. This year it will be John Morrison, who is entirely deaf to common sense and utterly incoherent.

  3. Jane, 23. May 2013, 16:40

    He cannot be serious! The only time we hear anything from John is at election time… if he thinks Wellington is stagnant then he is frozen. Aren’t people allowed to retire at 65?

  4. Ellie, 24. May 2013, 9:45

    But John, why would you do this and put such a strain on yourself? There are times when you look so tired, but maybe that is just when you are spinning porkies,

  5. Nora, 24. May 2013, 13:24

    No Ellie it is when he is sitting at the council table texting messages instead of listening to ratepayers presenting their oral submissions. All voters should attend council meetings where it is pretty obvious how few of them have read their agendas.

    As for the council being “stagnant,” it is because John and six of his mates vote 9 times out of 10 against Celia and it was a well known fact that most of them used to meet with the ex-mayor for their instructions.

    He was also not happy with the appointment of the new CEO, so perhaps he should try his luck in Tauranga to be with the old CEO.

  6. Brent Efford, 25. May 2013, 10:31

    Just what Wellington doesn’t need as Mayor – another callous conservative petrolhead, keen to promote more driving into our congested CBD while he sneers at sustainable transport. Of course, he is a perfect match for the Dominion Post and the Chamber of Commerce also pursuing the same 50-years-behind-the-times agenda.

  7. Michael Gibson, 26. May 2013, 20:22

    The last thing I would want is for John to change his mind about standing for the Mayoralty instead of the Western Ward.
    But, in the interests of honesty, I must comment on what Ellie has said. This is because I turned up at a Council Committee meeting last week to give my oral submission to an Annual Plan Hearing to be told of complaints that John had been ignoring all the previous submissions (from very worthy Wellingtonians) because of his texting.
    FACT: he then left at exactly the time that I, as one of his Ward ratepayers, started to give my submission. Rude or what?
    Comment please, John.