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Employers tell councillors: spend $1m, longer runway will bring benefits

Press Release – Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
The news that Wellington City Council is to vote to put $1 million towards the cost of resource consent to extend the airport runway is positive, says Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Raewyn Bleakley.

“This is great news. It’s certainly not a done deal but it means the project is starting to move, and business welcomes it.

“The chamber has been saying for some time that attracting long-haul flights is a major key to rebuilding the region’s economy.

“We encourage councillors to vote in favour of this move on the basis of the significant long-term benefits this would mean for the region.

“A 300-metre extension would mean Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A350’s would be able to land right in our city. Imagine what that would do: it would open us up to long-haul flights from Asia and the tourists they would bring, and it would make it easier for Wellington-region businesses to engage with the rest of the world, and that would attract more investment and industry.

“BERL calculates that the immediate direct economic benefit would be more than $43 million a year, with more than 300 post-construction jobs created – what a great outcome.

“I realise there’s a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but if this goes through it would be a real boost to our region.”

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  1. CC, 25. May 2013, 9:17

    Isn’t this the organisation that pushed to have the business share of the rates reduced? Now they want homeowners to foot the bill for Infratil and themselves to capitalise on the ‘rebuilding of the region’s economy’. In the past, people have ended up paying twice for council ‘projects’, once through their rates bills and again take very expensive appeals, usually with success. It looks as though this time, those who are opposed to the use of public resources for private gain will have to contribute towards a Council application for a resource consent as well.

  2. Brent Efford, 25. May 2013, 10:42

    Ummm … is there any evidence that, if built, any airline will actually use the extended runway for non-Australian international flights? Air NZ has said it won’t. One would have thought that, being the finest brains in the business business, the CoC would have accounted for this elementary step in formulating the business plan.
    Or is “build it and they will come” as a statement of faith OK when promoting air travel but not applicable to public transport?