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Wellington tops a list of the world’s best value foodie destinations

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According to a Hotels.com survey of 27,000 global travellers, 57% spend between a quarter and three quarters of their daily holiday budget on food.  Using Hotels.com’s Hotel Price Index and the tips of the 27,000 travellers, Hotels.com has put together a list of the best value foodie destinations, with Wellington in the top position.

Hotels.com’s top best value foodie destinations:

Destination: Wellington, New Zealand

Average hotel price: $127*

Wellington is fast making a name for itself as a legitimate foodie destination. The city enjoys fresh seafood year-round, meaning you can indulge in crayfish, snapper, salmon, and the local greenshell mussels, accompanied with New Zealand’s phenomenal sauvignon blancs, any time of the year!

To experience all Wellington has to offer when it comes to food, head down to the food hub that is Cuba Street and Courtenay Place. Here, you will find the perfect blend of trendy bars with incredible tapas and fine dining restaurants.

Destination: Mumbai, India

Average hotel price: $162*

Your tastebuds will be seduced in Mumbai by the aromatic scents that flow from every food stall. From rich curries like the popular Punjabi paneer makhanwala to Biryani, wholesome rice-based dishes made with meat, fish, eggs or vegetables, Mumbai’s food proudly represents its diverse and vibrant soul.

Destination: Melbourne, Australia

Average hotel price: $165*

Celebrity chefs from across the globe have found their home in Melbourne and have set-up restaurants receiving world-wide attention. Ben Shewry’s Attica restaurant and Guy Grossi’s Grossi Florentino restaurant are just a couple of the top picks. A true melting pot of cultures, exploring Melbourne’s foodie heart is as simple as stepping into the back alleys and onto the rooftops of warehouses to find scrumptious Greek, Italian, Chinese and Modern Australian restaurants.

Destination: Barcelona, Spain

Average hotel price: $171*

You will never want to take a siesta from the culinary paradise that is Spain! From the markets to Michelin-starred restaurants, Barcelona will treat you to delicious paellas, tapas and belly-warming casseroles. Known as the capital of the Mediterranean diet, it is no wonder that Spanish restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca placed first in the top 50 Michelin-starred restaurants in 2013.

Destination: Rome, Italy

Average hotel price: $187*

When in Rome…..forgo any diets and immerse yourself in pizza, pasta, gelato and cheese. From trattorias and pizzerias run by local families, to contemporary restaurants, Rome knows how to satisfy your appetite. With a long and vibrant food culture, up and coming Italian chefs are also breaking the mould when it comes to pizza and pasta, moving out of nonna’s kitchen and into a whole new world of Italian food.

Destination: Hong Kong, China

Average hotel price: $198*

Hong Kong has become the pinnacle of a multi-cultural destination over the past few decades and is a true delight for foodies. More than 11,000 restaurants, covering traditional Chinese food, Asian fusion, Spanish tapas and more line the streets of the buzzing city.  From a never ending variety of dumplings to beef brisket, to scrumptious egg tarts, Hong Kong will have you salivating at every corner.

Destination: Singapore

Average hotel price: $217*

Singapore Mud Crab! Need we say more? Singapore has the perfect mix of street food and high-end dining options available at all hours to cater for the food-loving Singaporean locals.  If you fancy dining with a view, rooftop dining has recently made a comeback in Singapore, giving food obsessed travellers the chance to combine first-class views and food.

Destination: Paris, France

Average hotel price: $227*

Who can blame foodies for flocking to France to sample the never ending variety of pastries, breads, cheese, red wine and of course escargot. Discerning foodies will delight in walking through the streets of France, appreciating the amazing scents seeping out of every little pâtisserie or café. Prepare to overindulge and be ok with it; think Julia Roberts in a movie called Eat, Eat, Eat.

Although Paris sits at the upper end of the price spectrum, delicious cheap eats can easily be found.

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  1. Celia WB, 26. May 2013, 23:33

    Good news for people who live here too – enjoyed eating at Little India tonight with friends after an Indian dance performance.


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