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Driver found, eight hours after vehicle crashes off Paekakariki Hill road

News from NZ Police
Wellington Police have now located Blair Coleman after he made contact with his parents. Police will be interviewing him so that the events of the last 24 hours can be fully understood.

Earlier News from NZ Police at 4.42pm
Wellington Police would like to hear from Blair Coleman or anyone who has seen him today.

At 8.30am this morning a member of the public has discovered a vehicle down a bank after what looked like a recent crash. Emergency services attended the scene and discovered markings which looked like the driver has climbed up the bank after a crash. A search was undertaken by Police with a Police dog but the driver couldn’t be located.

Inquiries throughout the day with friends and family haven’t been able to locate BlairColeman as the registered owner of the vehicle and concerns are growing for him.

If he was the driver of the vehicle, it is likely he has suffered injuries as a result of the crash and may be in need of medical attention.

He has not presented at an emergency department and his friends and family have not heard from him since last night which is unusual for him.

News from NZ Police at 9.49am
Due to a single vehicle crashing off the road, Paekakariki Hill Road was closed to traffic this morning from both ends.