Survey shows IT professionals are happier working in Wellington, and better paid

The New Zealand Herald has reported that IT professionals are happier working in Wellington than in Auckland.

Auckland IT professionals are ten per cent more likely to head overseas for a more lucrative job offer than their Wellington counterparts, the Herald reports, quoting the Wellington Market Insight report by recruitment firm Absolute IT.

The research suggests that higher pay in Wellington is helping to retain talent.

IT workers in Wellington are offered base salaries worth, on average, $5000 to $10,000 more than those in other areas, the report says.

But Absolute IT director Grant Burley said it’s not just pay that’s helping to stop Wellington IT workers from jumping on a plane. “Wellington ICT professionals are part of a well-networked community where culture and team fit are highly valued, ideals which are reflected in how happy Wellington ICT professionals are at work.”

The Herald tells its readers that some of the country’s biggest and fastest-growing technology firms have their headquarters in the capital, including cloud-based accounting software company Xero, IT services provider Fronde and online auction website Trade Me.

It says over 70 per cent of Wellington private sector IT employers are planning to take on new staff this year, while 69 per cent of public sector employers are planning to recruit IT workers.


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