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Flyover is “concrete monstrosity” that will create an ugly space, says Grant Robertson

News from NZ Labour Party
No matter how NZTA likes to spin it, its mitigation plans for the Basin Reserve area cannot hide the fact the flyover is a concrete monstrosity that will fundamentally change the character of the area, Labour MP for Wellington Central Grant Robertson says.

“The development of a new pavilion and the extension of the Memorial Park are welcome, but nothing NZTA is proposing alters the fact the flyover will destroy the character of this part of Wellington and create an ugly urban space.”

Labour’s Transport spokesperson, Iain Lees-Galloway, said the party still believed there were other options that could deliver transport benefits that did not have the negative impacts caused by the flyover.

“NZTA has never properly considered those options, and if Labour is elected to government next year we would ensure it did.”

“On a more positive note the Public Transport Spine Study results released yesterday give a clear way ahead for improvements to public transport for Wellingtonians,” said Grant Robertson.

“While light rail would have given the Capital a unique and sustainable system, the cost was very high and similar benefits can be obtained by bus rapid transit. I hope we can also see the roll out of electric buses to ensure this is a truly sustainable development.”

“I constantly get feedback that more people would use buses if the reliability of the service could be assured, and if it was more affordable. This needs to be the focus for future development of services,” Grant Robertson said.

“Central government needs to be a partner in the development of high quality public transport services. National needs to work with the Wellington region on these developments rather than getting into a fight about it as they have done with Auckland,” said Iain Lees-Galloway.

Grant Robertson said the proposal for a second tunnel through Mt Victoria was being carefully studied: “In principle it seems like a sensible idea, but I am wary about the impact on the Town Belt, and the need for a six lane Wellington Road.

“Certainly residents of the eastern suburbs will welcome such a development, and we are committed to working with them to improve their journeys to and from the city.”