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800 Wellington homes without power for fourth night; Makara road still closed

News from Wellington City Council
About 800 customers in the Wellington area expected to be without power again this evening. People are advised to seek help if they have no heating.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says that anyone who is cold and who cannot get help should ring the City Council on (04) 499 4444. The Council’s welfare staff are on standby to help.

Mayor Wade-Brown says the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office is in close contact with Wellington Electricity. “The line crews are making great progress in getting power back on in what are miserable and dangerous conditions. In the meantime, though, we urge people to take steps to stay warm – and we urge people to help out those still without power.”

Medical Officer of Health Annette Nesdale says people with asthma or other respiratory conditions can get unwell when they are in a cold environment for prolonged periods. She says neither the Wellington or Hutt Valley emergency departments are seeing an increase in patients with these conditions so far, but they want to prevent people getting sick.

People with young babies, children or older people with heart or respiratory conditions who don’t have a means to stay warm should go to stay with family or friends who have heating.

‘If you can’t get or stay warm and you or someone in your family has significant respiratory or heart conditions consider going to stay with family or friends who can help you’ says Dr Nesdale.

And she urges people to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends or families with young children to see how they are coping.

Regional Public Health is warning people who have been without power since Thursday night’s storm to be careful with food that has been in freezers but may have started defrosting.

The food safety advice below will help keep people safe:

Any food still frozen with ice crystals evident throughout the food, and with packaging that has not been damaged or opened, can be safely refrozen.
Defrosted food cannot be refrozen.
Foods that have been defrosted can still be used if they have just recently defrosted and can be kept cold, ie if the fridge is working again. Use this food in the next 1 to 2 days.
Discard any food that smells bad, has a different colour, looks affected or has a slimy texture.

Wellington Electricity is putting in a big push to restore power to as many customers as possible today. The company is working with the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office to identify schools still without supply and prioritise restoration. In the meantime:

Stay well away from remaining fallen powerlines. Always assume they are live and dangerous. This includes keeping clear of trees and anything which is in contact with fallen powerlines. Do not touch them.

If you still don’t have power, contact Wellington Electricity at 0800 248 148

Check on your neighbours, particularly the elderly, if you think there may be any danger or if they don’t have heating.

Rail services

Services are getting back to normal across the region. Wairarapa and Hutt services have buses running from Petone to Wellington because work is still underway repairing the harbour wall. This work is not expected to be completed till Tuesday. More details here.


All highways are open. However the Paekakariki Hill Road is still closed and there is no indication at this stage when it will reopen.

In Wellington all roads are passable, except Makara Village to Makara Beach Road, which will be closed for at least the next 3 days. Access to Makara Beach is via Takarau Gorge Rd from Ohariu Valley and Johnsonville.

Middleton Road between Churton Park and Tawa has been reopened this afternoon after trees have been removed.

Alexandra Road – Large trees are being removed from Alexandra Road on Monday and Tuesday. The road should be reopened on Wednesday.

At the southern end of Tawa Terrace – trees should be removed by lunchtime on Monday.


All normal services have resumed.

Interisland ferries

Inter Island Line and Bluebridge both report normal services have resumed.

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  1. Wellington Electricity, 24. June 2013, 23:03

    Wellington Electricity states:
    Currently, we are aware of approximately 540 customers who remain without power. Due to the widespread nature of the storm, most suburbs within the Wellington region have customers affected by localised Low Voltage faults either on power poles or the individual line connection to homes and businesses.
    Since Sunday and throughout Monday, our repair crew s have entered into some of the hardest hit areas and found that the damage done to the electricity network is far worse than originally expected. Unfortunately, many of the repairs that are needed are extensive and take a tremendous amount of technical work to repair small numbers of customers at a time. All indications are that complete restoration for this scale of damage we are encountering could take up to a week from today.
    Our repair crews have been working tirelessly since Thursday’s storm and more than 120 additional reinforcements have come to the Wellington area from as far away as Hamilton, Thames, Whangarei and Taurang a to double our normal workforce.
    Households and businesses who remain without power are asked to advise us directly through our emergency notification phone line – 0800 248 148.
    From tomorrow (Tuesday) Wellington Electricity will be contacting customers to advise when they can expect to see repair crews in their suburb and the likely restoration time.