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Regional Council increasing its rates by average 2.6%; water levy up 3%

News from Regional Council
The Wellington Regional Council has finalised its Annual Plan for 2013/14, approving a rates increase of an average of 2.6%.

Rates increases vary across Greater Wellington region, based on capital values and range from 1.5% to 3.3%. This compares to a 9.4% rise as set out in Year 2 in the Long Term Plan. The reduction in increase is attributed to:

– The delaying of the Regional Public Transport Plan for the amendment of legislative requirements;

– The removal of the need to refurbish the Ganz Mavag train fleet due to the purchasing of new Matangi trains which will all be in service by 2017. However, the level of maintenance for the Ganz Mavag fleet is likely to go up over the next four years;
– The delaying of the completion of the Pinehaven and Waitohu Flood Management Plans from 2013/2014 to 2014/2015. These have been slowed to focus resources on the renewal of the western area river maintenance consents and development of the Upper Wairarapa Valley Flood Management Plan.

The Council also approved the 3% increase in the water levy, included in the Long Term Plan at 4%, and recommended that it be maintained for the next Annual Plan (2014/15).

Public consultation was carried out on the Draft Annual Plan from 25 March to 26 April and the Annual Plan Hearing Committee heard 18 oral submissions and considered all submissions on 28 May 2013.