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Nine days after the storm, electricity restored to all Wellington homes

News from Wellington Electricity
Wellington Electricity is pleased to advise that the restoration of power supply to the 30,000 customers who have reported a loss of power is now complete.

A small number of customers have been supplied from generators as work is still to be completed for a safe permanent connection and others have been contacted directly for any outstanding reconnection arrangements. Wellington Electricity has been unable to contact some customers via a telephone call back, despite repeated efforts to do so.

There remains a number of vacant house sites where supply has been unable to be restored as access to inside the home is required to make safety checks before relivening. These customers have received a service card which outlines contact numbers for the customer to call to make further arrangements for relivening the supply. Local electricians have been notified and are also
assisting with this effort.

Wellington Electricity would like to thank customers throughout the Wellington region for their patience while lines crews have restored power outages that affected suburban streets across the region as a result of the large scale weather event that occurred on Thursday 20 June.

Due to the widespread nature of the storm, most suburbs within the Wellington region had customers affected by localised Low Voltage faults either on power poles or the individual line connection to homes and businesses.

Wellington Electricity also urges customers to continue to check on neighbours and in particular those people living on their own and/or with difficult access.

We are concerned that some customers may not have contacted us. If we haven’t heard from you, we are unable to reconnect your supply.

For any customer who has not yet made contact please contact us by calling the emergency fault lines at 0800 248 148 (select option 2)

Our repair crews have worked tirelessly since the storm and more than 150 additional reinforcements have come to the Wellington area from as far away as Hamilton, Thames, Whangarei, Tauranga, Hastings and Marlborough, almost tripling our normal workforce.

The repair crews found that the damage done to the electricity network was far worse than originally expected.

News from Wellington City Council – June 26
Wellington residents who are still without power after last Thursday’s storms are invited to use hot showers at City Council recreation centres and swimming pools. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, who visited some of the homes without power this morning with the Council’s Local Host staff, says people are welcome to head to our community centres to warm up.

“We are working closely with Wellington Electricity and understand around 500 homes are still without power because of the extensive damage,” she says. “If your power’s still off and you need to warm up, please come and have a hot drink and a chat to staff at one of our community centres. We are also offering free hot showers at our pools and recreation centres. You can also spend time and stay warm at your local library.”

Mayor Wade-Brown also encourages people to check on their neighbours if they are still without power, especially if they’re elderly or vulnerable.

“Today I joined the team knocking on doors where people were possibly without power, and most people are well supported by neighbours and family. Wellington City Council will continue to encourage community resilience and neighbourhood connections,” she says.