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Kapiti octogenarians lead blockade against forced sale of land for expressway

Photo from Kapiti Independent

News from Save Kapiti
Over 80s Kapiti residents today led the first blockade of the National Government’s planned motorway through their communities. The blockade began at 10.30am today on a piece of land that the New Zealand Transport Agency is forcing the owner to sell for the proposed Expressway.

The Transport Agency has ordered the man to leave the land by today, July 1, even though the road plans are under appeal and not formally approved yet. The Octogenarians have elected to sit at the front of the blockade, challenging the authorities to try to move them.

The site of the blockade is at the southern end of the proposed “Kapiti Expressway” route. The land on Poplar Avenue in Raumati South has until now been a garden centre and the home of the garden centre owner. Save Kapiti campaigners have chosen the site as a rallying point for stopping the National Government’s plans.

“Today’s blockade is just the beginning,” spokesperson Bobby Taylor said. “We have people willing and ready to get a phone call and come back here any time that the Transport Agency tries to take control of the land.”

“Prior to National’s current motorway plan, the government and local community had agreed on a much cheaper and lower impact new roadway through the region. National threw out the other plan and is trying to force through a gigantic autobahn style road that will ruin the quiet and safe character of own beach-side communities. It is a joke of a road, which even NZTA’s own economic analysis shows is not even vaguely viable. It has to be stopped.”

“National has fast-tracked the planning processes and ignored the local people’s concerns. But they do not realise how determined we are.”

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