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  1. Rufus Sixsmith, 22. July 2013, 19:54

    ” …. must also act more effectively against known hazards ….”

    John Morrison is on the Trust board that has done nothing about the Basin Reserve stand …

    Actions speak louder than (weasel) words!

  2. Donald McGregor, 23. July 2013, 16:33

    John Morrison voted in March 2013 AGAINST giving Councils the power to lift strengthening standards in the WCC submission on Building Seismic performance.

    See page 6: http://wellington.govt.nz/~/media/your-council/meetings/Committees/Strategy%20and%20Policy%20Committee/2013/02/21%20February%202013/MINUTES%2021%20February%202013.pdf

    Time he changed the “Integrity” label on his advertising material to “Hypocritical”.

  3. Nora, 25. July 2013, 12:31

    Another case lof “plagiarism” by Mystery Morrison with regard to his latest suggestion to bring the CCOs back into house.

    His words almost echo the article in the DomPost Tuesday 11th June, when CEO Kevin Lavery “said he had told councillors last week that he wanted to look at CCOs as they are very fragmented, each with their own CEO, Financial director and board. Selective amalgamation would produce sizable savings”.

    Perhaps “Mystery” should get himself a new scriptwriter!