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Another plan for avoiding the flyover

basinplan [1]

by James Hollings
Has anyone considered something like this for the Basin? It has the same advantages as the flyover (grade separation of north-south and east-west traffic, and mating with the new Memorial Park link) but it eliminates the need for a concrete flyover looming over the Basin.

It also Creates a pedestrian area in front of the two nearby schools and Government House, for a new Basin entrance, and gets rid of the traffic lights at bottom of Adelaide Road, reducing congestion there.

The main idea is to lower Sussex Street, and possibly take a few metres off the edge of the Basin there, to create a two-way through-road for north-south traffic, with dedicated lanes for buses. The Robert Vance stand would stay, but the old stand (an earthquake risk) would be demolished, with a replacement built to east of the Vance stand (more wind shelter for bowlers from northerlies!). Dufferin Street would become a pedestrian area, with no through-traffic (except for access to the schools and Government House). This would also provide a nice, spacious and safe entry/ exit point for Basin users.