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  1. Tim Jones, 8. August 2013, 11:11

    A great article – but I prefer not to call the ‘wind-break’ structure a Stand, as Maximus does, because it is not designed to provide spectator seating, only player facilities (and maybe a few hobnobbing areas for Mr Morrison and his mates). Due to the Basin Reserve Trust’s neglect of the Museum Stand, it’s likely that spectator seating at the Basin will reduce, not increase.

    I’ve been a long-suffering patron of the Basin since 1991 – it’s a wonderful place to watch cricket, but the spectator facilities are pretty dire. Nothing about the proposed new structure would improve that situation.

  2. Elaine Hampton, 8. August 2013, 11:26

    Even the traffic advantage appears unproved. Claims of faster traffic flow but the pinch points are Taranaki St and the Tunnel. One can whiz along for a few seconds between the blockages. Not worth $90 million plus the usual overruns. Air quality not proved as NZTA did not measure PM2.5 locally. This and noise is modelled, without factoring in wind direction.

    This is a lose lose for Wellington and the Basin.