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  1. Hayley Robinson, 14. August 2013, 10:40

    And experimenting with staggered work start/end potentially costs nothing, and is fully reversible. Unlike the giant experiment that is the Basin Reserve Bridge.

    Making the whole Basin area more pedestrian friendly is important moving into the future, especially with more people living downtown, and/or wanting to walk around our city. Richard Reid’s proposal addresses this well, with the central area of Kent/Cambridge Tces becoming a useful pedestrian boulevard where kiosks and suitable plantings can be located.

  2. Rudi, 7. October 2013, 21:55

    Hayley. I would have backed you before this but just came across this article. Love Richard Reid’s vision and can picture his boulevard. We aren’t the only ones who like it. Did you read about Canadian Gordon Price wanting to support a NZ project with a small gesture of sustainability for an alternative to motordom excesses.
    His prize went to Richard Reid. Dr Peter Newman from Curtin University Perth has had input in the discussion as well. And then of course you have Alana Bowman’s article on the state of the Basin Reserve……say no more!