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Peter Dunne “has debased the role of an MP;” fails to attend electorate meeting

Media release from People’s Power Ohariu
“Peter Dunne has debased the role of an MP to the simple buying and selling of votes in Parliament as he has done with his vote supporting the passage of the GCSB Bill”, says People’s Power Ohariu spokesperson John Maynard. “Local voters told a public meeting in Johnsonville yesterday that there was no point in trying to visit Peter Dunne because he doesn’t listen.

“Peter Dunne was invited to the meeting but those attending were not impressed that he did not respond to the invitation and did not turn up. The meeting wanted Peter Dunne to front up to the electors to account for his actions.

“The meeting heard reports of legislation other than the GCSB being passed by one vote – Peter Dunne’s vote.”

Adi Leason spoke of the link between the GCSB spying activities and “targeted assassination” drone strikes in Afghanistan.

A speaker from the Salvation Army explained that 85% of problem gambling is linked to the most destructive of gambling problems, addiction to pokie machines.

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said Peter Dunne is expected to vote to remove the entitlement of workers to rest breaks and other workers’ rights to organise collectively.

Resolutions at the meeting called on Peter Dunne to vote against the Sky City casino pokie deal and to vote against the removal of the rights of workers to have rest breaks.

The meeting also called for the Government to cancel the Meridian Energy float. Neither Peter Dunne, SOE Minister Tony Ryall nor Prime Minister John Key have ruled out the potential ability of foreign investors in companies like Mighty River Power to sue the Government under the disputes provisions of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership.

The Canadian Government is being sued for $250 million under the North American Free Trade Agreement for a moratorium on fracking under the St Lawrence River.

The German Government watered down environmental controls on coal fired power stations or face being sued for $2 billion for breach of investor state provisions.

The Government of Peru was being sued for $800 million for trying to stop the severe lead poisoning of children by the US owned Renco metal smelter.

“If Peter Dunne wants to leak something other than the GCSB report he could leak the drafts of the Investor State Disputes Settlement provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership and act to protect New Zealand taxpayers from paying compensation to international corporations.

“A further meeting to build up on-going action in the electorate will be organised by People’s Power Ohariu in early September”.

Media release from People’s Power Ohariu – August 23
Following his controversial support of the passage of the GCSB spy Bill, Ohariu MP Peter Dunne’s one vote support necessary for the passage of further unpopular legislation will be the subject of a public meeting in the electorate on Sunday afternoon.

The meeting in the Johnsonville Community Centre hall at 2pm will be addressed by speakers from the GCSB Waihopai Ploughshares, the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions and the Salvation Army.

“Calling his turnaround support of John Key’s GCSB spy Bill “willing buyer – willing seller” Peter Dunne ‘sold’ his vote to John Key in some sort of back room deal”, says People’s Power Ohariu spokesperson John Maynard.

“What price will Peter Dunne extract from John Key to give his support for two further pieces of controversial legislation relying on his one vote to get passed into law? The Sky City casino pokie machine deal will see the proceeds of gambling and its serious social costs used to fund the building of a Convention Centre in Auckland. Future Governments would be compelled to pay compensation if they change the law within 35 years.

“Proposed amendments to the Employment Relations Act undermining worker’s rights and entitlements to rest breaks may be in breach of New Zealand’s obligations under the International Labour Organisation.

“How can we have any confidence in Peter Dunne’s representation of the Ohariu electorate when he appears to be prepared to sell his vote in Parliament to the highest bidder.

“The meeting will also be giving consideration to the partial floating of state owned energy companies and the exposure of the Government to being sued under the disputes provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

“Peter Dunne has been invited to the meeting but to date there has been no reply”.

Media release from People’s Power Ohariu – August 20
Peter Dunne’s support for the GCSB Bill has provoked the organising of a public meeting in the Ohariu electorate to consider the GCSB and other examples of controversial legislation being passed by the single vote of Peter Dunne.

“The GCSB spying Bill is expected to pass into law by one vote – the vote ‘sold’ to John Key by Ohariu MP Peter Dunne” says People’s Power Ohariu spokesperson John Maynard. “Peter Dunne explained his change from total opposition to the GCSB spying on New Zealanders to now supporting John Key as “willing buyer – willing seller”.

“Peter Dunne has no mandate from the Ohariu electorate to be doing self-serving deals with the Prime Minister – especially on legislation which is opposed by the New Zealand Law Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Privacy Commission and a number of prominent citizens including a QC and a New Zealander of the Year.”

The meeting will be 2pm to 4pm on Sunday in the main hall of the Johnsonville Community Centre on Moorefield Road.

Speakers at the meeting include Adi Leason, one of the three Waihopai Ploughshares group which deflated the spy-base dome will talk about the activities of the GCSB.

NZ Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly will explain the proposed undermining of workers’ rights by amendments to the Employment Relations Act.

Ian Hutson will speak about the adverse affects of gambling because the Sky City Convention Centre Bill provides for more pokies at the Auckland casino.

The meeting will also consider the impact of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership on partial floats of state owned energy companies. The Investor State Disputes Settlement process is expected to allow foreign investors to sue governments in secretive international tribunals with no rights of appeal.

Peter Dunne has been invited to the meeting.


  1. Patrick, 20. August 2013, 18:17

    Peter Dunne has no mandate to allow Key and his Bankster paymasters to consolidate so much power into the role of one person. The issue is about the rise of fascism in New Zealand and Key’s quest for control. It is a given that spying will continue to happen whether it is legally allowed or not. They have been doing it for many years to a broad range of people from all walks of life. What New Zealand doesn’t need is to give up the checks and balances that are designed to stop one person from taking over total control. A society where one person has the authority to look over anyones shoulder is called a dictatorship. Key is a fascist which means giving him this authority would make New Zealand a Fascist Dictatorship. New Zealanders did not lay down their lives for our rights to be squashed by one person quest for vainglorious power.

  2. Jeff, 24. August 2013, 20:35

    Hypocrisy = A ‘Dunne’ Deal