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Candidate wants progress with hundred homes strategy

Press Release – Hayley Robinson, Onslow-Western ward candidate for Council
The Hundred Homes Strategy would increase affordable housing stock in our city, without increasing rates

The issues around affordable housing are well understood; now it’s time to get on with the solutions. Kevin Lavery (Wellington City Council CEO) confirmed in his pre-election report that our city is in an excellent position regarding borrowing for investment. I would like to see the number one investment priority be increasing the stock of affordable housing in our city.

The Hundred Homes Strategy involves Council borrowing money (in the $30 million range) and using those funds to purchase sections, develop required infrastructure for, and actually pay to have built, one hundred homes in a one year to two year time frame. These homes would then be sold to screened purchasers, ensuring that the initial owners will also be the occupiers. The Welcome Home loans scheme would easily tie in with this concept.

The aim would be for all houses built to be sold at a very modest profit (5-10%). The end price range being aimed for would $200,000 to $400,000, with the homes encompassing the full spread of required styles (from single bedsit style flat units to simple warm dry three bedroom homes).

All interest payments owing on the initial loan (plus paying back the loan itself) would ultimately be paid for through house sales. The small profit would then be used to fund the most urgent Te Mahana (ending homelessness in Wellington) Strategy’s identified requirements, such as: setting up cross-sector case management; addiction-support housing (‘wet’ hostel); and a women’s shelter (or better yet, another women’s medium-term-stay supported residence).

We would essentially be using affordable housing to fund ending homelessness. The positive flow-on effects for Wellington’ s economy could be significant.

No rates increases would be required. No government input would be required. Wellington can take responsibility for looking after its most vulnerable citizens. We need action now.

This strategy has the official support of Mayoral candidate Jack Yan.

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