For second Mt Victoria tunnel, 5 houses will be moved, three streets will change

Report from Mt Victoria Newsletter
The Transport Agency has published its design for the entrance to a second Mt Victoria tunnel. The agency has identified 5 houses in Paterson St for demolition or removal, but several important houses previously under threat will remain.

Ettrick Cottage, shifted in the 1980s from the other end of Austin St, is one of those that would have to be moved, possibly within the block. Visit for more information, or come to the annual meeting of the Mt Victoria Residents Association at New Crossways on 5 September.

The entrance will be close to the existing tunnel, starting in the middle of the block below Austin St where a pilot tunnel was put through years ago. The access road will curve around St Joseph’s Church, requiring Paterson St to be dug down to the same level as the existing tunnel road and removing the street frontages of the houses that
remain. Instead, NZTA will provide the properties with new driveways from a right of way in the middle of the block, opening onto Brougham St opposite the church. NZTA plans to remove 8 Housing Corp flats to provide the access.

The pedestrian and cycle route from the tunnel will use the same right of way, separated from the road traffic. Users will exit onto Brougham St and will need to turn left around the church to join the bridge that will take them across
to Tory St, the Memorial Park, and Taranaki St.

Once work is completed, Paterson St will be gone, Brougham St will finish at a
dead end by the church, and Austin St will serve only Wellington East Girls College.
The construction work is sure to be very disruptive.


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