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  1. The City is Ours Inc., 10. September 2013, 9:57

    Opus International gets to do a lot of jobs in this city including the “Golden Mile” report. Opus was also asked to conduct the $ 40K Pedestrian Behaviour report, allowing it to comment on its own work in an area it recommended as the ‘best option’ for public transport. The same ‘pedestrian behaviour’ report was presented as evidence at the inquest into the death of Venessa Green. The City is Ours intends to advise the Coroner that this report was written in conflict and is considered to be not worthy of his considaration.

  2. Lee, 12. September 2013, 19:35

    It’s clear that Opus is on the inside track and supports the flyover. But why does Opus get a seat at the BOI?

  3. Tim Brooker, 13. September 2013, 12:55

    Australian Cities like Brisbane and Sydney have obliterated their Central City Waterfront Precincts with Road Flyovers.

    Light Rail linking the main city railway station to other key central city sites is clearly a preferable option for a city such as Wellington for reasons of pedestrian amenity and sustainability.

    However, sufficient tram vehicles will need to be purchased and stabling capacity found to ensure a high frequency people mover service can be provided which is capable of moving crowds from major sporting events and other similar activity peaks