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  1. Ross Clark, 24. September 2013, 2:46

    “Forward planner on the Livingston New Town project”.

    So were you the person who left it full of roundabouts?!

  2. Daryl Cockburn, 24. September 2013, 11:28

    Yes Ross. We had no choice. It was the 1st Mk4 new town based on 100% car ownership for immigrants, who couldn’t drive, from the Glasgow clearances for its failed Ring Road etc, which I had to watch when I was in charge of its CBD plan-making. That combined 6 year experience taught me a lot about the damage cars do. Livingston built over the belle arable land of the Almond Valley. The 4.5ac cloverleaf interchanges were on a 2x1km grid! Glasgow demolished the homes of 20K people in one year, and took no records of where they went, probably mainly Canada & Oz. I returned and saw our “Thorndon Trench” but not the metro planned, when I had left in 1967, under The Terrace with level access to Lambton Quay. Then at the by-pass Environment Court the judge thought it would be like Tinakori Rd, easy for pedestrians. The Oil Age has damaged our cities. What wasted opportunities

  3. insider, 24. September 2013, 21:12

    @ daryl: I suspect Tony Randle doesn’t need a masters to be able to spot bulls@&t. Your need to parade your qualifications is about as convincing as your costings.

    Remember the yellow hopper buses that used to take a very similar route? The only people who used them were tourists. Wellingtonians wouldn’t ride them, but I’m sure you know best being qualified and all. It’s ironic that we get public transport fanatics bombarding us regularly about how wonderful and convenient it is, then come up with proposals like this that are less convenient in terms of stops and access to places people want to go, and we the plebs are expected to stand by and uncritically cheer.

  4. Daryl Cockburn, 26. September 2013, 11:20

    Insider: Tony’s terms “claiming to be professionals” and “dreamers” promoted a reply. It wasn’t a “parade”.
    The yellow hopper bus route wasn’t conveniently alongside the back of Post Office Square, Civic Square and Readings in both directions. The Q is: would speed near the Golden Mile be more valuable than being actually in it but slow? The rest of the line would be fast past the hospital east and/or south like many LR plans including GenerationZero’s excellent plan.
    Why not sign with your name?

  5. Margaret Tobin, 29. September 2013, 17:02

    Having travelled to Europe twice now I am more convinced than ever Wellington is missing out on useful transport particularly around the city hub. A tram travelling between Courtenay Place and the Westpac stadium would be a winner for people going to any of the stops in between. Going along the waterfront route is good for sightseeing and convenience. Putting our commuter buses along this route as has been proposed would be congestive. Quick, quiet and attractive trams additional to the current buses on Lambton Quay are desirable.
    Over time trams all the way to the airport would be an added bonus. This would provide great extra commuter options and sightseeing for visitors.