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Mayor calls for integrated approach to creating city cycling opportunities

News from Celia Wade-Brown
Celia Wade-Brown has met with representatives of off-road cycling community groups including Capital BMX, Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park Supporters, Wellington Trails Alliance and Revolve Cycling and confirmed her commitment to all aspects of cycling in Wellington.

“I am calling for an integrated approach from council, community groups and the commercial sector focused on developing the economic and environmental opportunity that cycling represents to Wellington,” she said.

“We have all worked hard together over the past few years to improve the facilities for cycling in Wellington including our extensive trail network and now it’s time to look forward to how we can create truly world-class cycling opportunities.”

Ben Wilde from the Wellington Trails Alliance agreed, pointing to the unique position of Wellington as a capital city with an already extensive trail network in close proximity to both the city and its suburbs.

“Few cities in the world have such an extensive trail network right within the city as we have here in Wellington.” said Wilde. “The economic value of that outdoor lifestyle in terms of our ability to attract residents and tourists alike to Wellington is significant.”

Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park Supporters Chairperson, Dr John Randal, echoed Wade-Brown’s view that the city has an opportunity to create world class cycling facilities.

“The goal of Makara Peak since it was established in 1998 has to create a world class mountain bike park in a restored native forest.” said Dr Randal “We are close to delivering on that vision but if we are to be truly world class we need a more sustainable model that reflects the significant economic opportunity that our trails represent.”

Celia Wade-Brown called for an integrated approach to the cycling opportunity, both off-road and on-road.

“Wellington is uniquely positioned to be the Cycling Capital of New Zealand. Volunteers have made a huge commitment, supported by Council. And while we have taken steps to advance cycling such as the Tawa Valley Path, adding land to Makara Peak and advocating for the Great Harbour Way, there is much more to do. Our city needs leadership with a track record of supporting cycling in terms of sport, recreation and transport.”

“I’m delighted that this week Transpower has agreed to a significant contribution to the “Clinical” track in Polhill Gully. Proponents have expressed gratitude for my support.”

If re-elected Celia Wade-Brown has said she will:

• Continue to support developing more cycling opportunities and connections both on-road and off-road.

• Continue to work with NZTA and the Hutt City Council to realise the potential of The Great Harbour Way, Te Ara Poneke, and connect it with the proposed Great Ride to the Wairarapa.”

• Support investment and partnership in the promotion and further development of Wellington’s already extensive trail network based on the economic potential of those facilities.

• Support the Capital BMX project in Ian Galloway Park as an opportunity to encourage more kids to develop cycling skills, confidence and to be active.

• Support Bikes in Schools pilots similar to those successfully implemented in Hastings.

• Continue to work closely with cycling advocates, council staff and other stakeholders to create a fully integrated approach to cycling in Wellington including: trails, on-road facilities, education / skills and promotion